Wait, what? I have a blog?

Massive apologies. I was reminded the other day that I have a blog and I’ve not been keeping it up to date. I posted some news on Facebook, and felt very pleased with myself, but completely forgot to post the same news here. D’oh.

Despite the distractions of Real Life & The Day Job ®, The Spirit Is Willing progresses apace and I’m aiming to publish by 5 July at the latest. Obviously things can still go horribly wrong, but that’s the latest plan.

Update – a lot of unplanned things happened and I missed the self-imposed deadline. But here’s the latest news:

The final draft is done, but there’s still editing to do. I shall be working on that over the next couple of weeks and The Spirit Is Willing will be published on Sunday, 26 July.

Sorry for the delays.