Publish and be… damned pleased

After seven months of planning, writing and editing, I just took the plunge and clicked on “save and publish” on the first book’s Kindle Direct Publishing page.

I’m not sure I’ll ever feel that it’s ready and I’ll probably always think there’s more to do, more to improve, more to tweak, but I’m actually surprisingly pleased with the results. I passed through the “Oh no, this is rubbish, what on earth am I doing” phase some time in May, so at least that didn’t hold things up. And now that everything’s done, I’m just impatient to see what people think of it.

A Quiet Life in the Country is available exclusively on Kindle through the Amazon Kindle store at:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

It’s at all the other Amazon Kindle stores, too, and the ASIN is B00O6X5U7K

I’d better start work on the next book.